What is developers.zone

developers.zone is a personal tech blog by me, mostly about Java and software engineering which will cover topics ranging from basic Java to architectures and personal opinions. It contains posts that may be interesting for beginners and experienced software developers alike.

Who am I?

I am Kristijan Rusu, a software engineer working on high-performance, scalable and mission-critical applications. I have more than five years experience with tight performance and stability requirements on high-load applications in the sports betting domain. What's interesting about me is that I started in IT with QA internship, but you can check my experience here:

I've also written some posts for the company blog and was a speaker at a Flutter International technical summit in November 2022.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me any time you want to chat or debate and issue, or even just to get my opinion on a topic on any of the following links:

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